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Slavic and East European Studies

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SLAV204 Slavic Folklore and Mythology Course Page

Description: Introductory course covering pre-Christian deities and neo-paganism, legends and lower mythology, folktales and folk songs, and the use of folklore in literature, film, and music. Taught in English. This course will not fulfill the Language Other Than English requirement of the BA.

SLAV299 Topics in Slavic Cultures Course Page

Description: Various aspects of Polish, Russian and Ukrainian popular and high cultures within the historical and social context. Taught in English.

SLAV468 Nikolai Gogol/Mykola Hohol' Course Page

Description: Gogol as a cultural icon in the history of Russian and Ukrainian literatures. His life and works against the background of Russian Imperial cultural developments and the processes of nation building in the first half of the 19th century. English translations of texts available for those not majoring in Slavics.

SLAV499 Special Topics Course Page
No description available for this course.