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HE ED110 Introduction to Personal Health and Well-Being Course Page

Description: An individual-based analysis of physical fitness and personal health and wellness. Emphasis is on planning and managing one's own lifestyle for health and well-being within the context of the current health care system. The blended format of the course will allow application of health information to personal context. Students will attend one lecture, complete online activities, and attend one seminar each week. Open to all students.

HE ED220 Introduction to the Biological Aspects of Fitness to Health Course Page

Description: A biological analysis of the contributions of physical activity and exercise to fitness and long term health. Emphasis is on the introduction of training principles, health related components of physical fitness, exercise and physical activity guidelines, and the application of these concepts for determination of physical fitness, individual long term health outcomes, and preventable disease.

HE ED221 Population Health Course Page

Description: The course focuses on the role of physical activity and other health behaviours in the primary prevention of chronic diseases across the lifespan. An epidemiological approach will be used to examine determinants, health behaviours, health outcomes, and interventions at a population-level in Canada and around the world. Prerequisites: HE ED 110 or 220, PEDS 101 and 103.

HE ED320 Social Dimensions of Health and Health Promotion Course Page

Description: An examination of contemporary, social, political and economic factors as they affect health and well-being, with a particular focus on understanding the social determinants of health.

HE ED321 Psychological Dimensions of Health Promotion Course Page

Description: An individual-based analysis of health-related behavior and behavior change. Emphasis will be placed upon social psychological approaches to understanding and changing such health-related behaviors as physical activity involvement, dietary practices, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse within a social context.

HE ED499 Directed Studies Course Page

Description: A course designed to meet the needs of individual students. Prerequisite: Consent of Faculty.