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Gender and Social Justice

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GSJ500 Directed Reading in Gender and Social Justice Course Page
No description available for this course.
GSJ501 Social Justice Workshop Course Page

Description: Advanced study of theories of social justice. Students will complete 20 hours of Community Service-Learning (CSL) and reflect on how their CSL experiences were informed by or challenged the theoretical material explored in the course.

GSJ502 Gender Research Workshop Course Page

Description: Advanced study of interdisciplinary research on gender and feminist scholarship.

GSJ504 Feminist Cultural Studies Course Page

Description: Examines gender as a category of analysis in contemporary cultural theory in order to examine how gendered subjects are produced and regulated through everyday cultural practices.

GSJ505 Gendering Development Course Page

Description: Examines the intersections of gender and international development with particular emphasis on feminist discourses of international development history, theory, and practices.

GSJ507 Feminist Theory Now Course Page

Description: Examines current preoccupations within feminist theory. Topics and geographical focus will vary.

GSJ520 Law and Feminism in Canada Course Page

Description: A focus on the fundamentally contradictory role of law for women in Canada, building on the insights offered by feminist cross-disciplinary legal scholarship. (Not open to students with credit in WGS 420.)

GSJ555 Feminism and Religion Course Page

Description: Ways in which pro-feminist women and men have constructed religious ideologies that are supportive of women's power and agency. (Not open for students with credit in WGS 455.)

GSJ570 Sexualities Course Page

Description: Special Topics: This course offers advanced examination of selected issues in sexuality studies. (Not open to students with credit in WGS 470.)

GSJ598 Special Topics - Topics in Gender and Social Justice Studies Course Page

Description: Special topics will vary.

GSJ900 Directed Research Project Course Page

Description: Capping project.