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Extension - Teaching in Learning

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EXTL5706 Instructional Design Basics for Higher Education Contexts Course Page

Description: This course will focus on the components of effective instructional design for the higher education classroom. Using the principles of constructive alignment, participants will gain experience in writing appropriate learning outcomes, designing engaging learning activities and assessing student learning.

EXTL5707 Lesson Planning in Theory and Practice Course Page

Description: This course will build on the basics of instructional design discussed in EXTL 5706 and observations of higher education lessons. Participants will be introduced to various lesson planning models, and to the concept of emergent lesson design and the teachable moment, with the goal of applying these to the design of individual lessons.

EXTL5708 Teaching Practice Course Page

Description: This course gives participants the opportunity to teach a mini-lesson, using the lesson plan developed in EXTL 5707. Participants will offer feedback to each other, the engage in self-reflection on their lesson.

EXTL5709 Intercultural Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in English-Medium Instruction Contexts Course Page

Description: The growing presence of international students in EMI contexts challenges educators to interact effectively with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. This course will help participants to understand the theoretical and practical dimensions of intercultural competence, intercultural pedagogy, and discipline-specific intercultural differences.

EXTL5710 Teaching with Technology in Higher Education Course Page

Description: The purpose of this course is to consider how technologies can facilitate active and interactive learning in higher education. Participants will examine the benefits and challenges of using a variety of technology-supported course delivery models, strategies, and tools, and their applicability in international contexts.

EXTL5713 English for Teaching Purposes Course Page

Description: This course focuses on the specific disciplinary terminology and general academic language necessary for teaching content in EMI contexts. Participants will also be introduced to strategies for assisting their students to learn and use specialized vocabulary in English.

EXTL5714 Introduction to English-Medium Instruction Course Page

Description: This course will give participants the theoretical foundation on which to base their understanding and practice of teaching and learning in English-medium instruction contexts. Topics will include how students learn; an introduction to the concepts of student-centered learning and active learning; and differences and similarities between teaching and learning in a native language and in English.

EXTL5715 Facilitating Student Participation in English-Medium Instruction Contexts Course Page

Description: This course will assist participants to consider their students' reasons for engagement and non-engagement in their classes, and strategies for more fully fostering participation. According to participant needs and interests, topics may include question-posing strategies; facilitating student engagement in large classes; planning effective group work; and providing alternatives to oral participation.