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EXSM3988 Effective Social Media Communication Course Page

Description: Strategy and skills are needed for effective social media communication. Focusing on these, participants will learn how to create content for various popular social media platforms, and to engage their communities and customers in conversation through these platforms. A special focus of this course will be the different writing needs of several major social media platforms, and the development of strategic and skillful writing for these platforms.

EXSM3989 Digital Storytelling and Narrative Course Page

Description: Web 2.0 storytelling employs the creative use of digital tools and offers exciting new possibilities for collaboration and sharing. Storytelling practices and features that have grown out of the Web 2.0 technologies and cultural forms will be introduced. The new ways of creating and experiencing narrative (often nonlinear and increasingly media-rich) that the social web can provide are explored, along with basic concepts of storytelling and its use as an educational and marketing tool in this new environment.

EXSM3990 Writing and Editing in the Digital World Course Page

Description: Designed for those who find themselves having to write in multimedia platforms, and for writers already within the online realm, this course will look at a variety of delivery platforms. The primary role of the class will be an involvement with the multimodal text itself: writing, editing, and critiquing narrative for multimedia projects. Issues related to quality of content will be carefully looked at, as well as quality of writing specific to the online environment.

EXSM3991 Evaluating Trends in Social Media Communication Course Page

Description: As technology changes, the platforms, methods of communication, and strategies also change. This course will address current and emerging trends in social media. You will be introduced to the 'next wave' of social media technology and the requirements for ongoing effectiveness.

EXSM3993 Visual Communication: Using Design to Improve Your Online Presence Course Page

Description: Social media requires attention to design elements in order to be effective. In this course, you will learn basic design principles that will assist you in creating an effective and visually-pleasing online presence, as well as how to use design to emphasize the message that is being delivered.

EXSM3995 Copyright and Privacy Protection Course Page

Description: For anyone who participates in the online environment, it is important to know the etiquette, ethics, and various legal and policy issues that affect how we use social media. Among the topics that will be discussed in this course are: creative commons, copyright, privacy, intellectual property, fair use, and the public domain. The differences that exist nationally and internationally will also be discussed, as this has important implications for social media use.

EXSM5510 Fundamentals of Social Media Course Page

Description: In this overview on internet marketing and social media use, participants will explore key concepts associated with internet marketing and social media by becoming familiar with social media tools, website development and maintenance and web analytics. Specific topics include e-commerce best practices, available social media tools, search engine utilization, designing professional and appealing web content, and creating targeted videos and 'webisodes'. Tactics for tracking and analyzing success and determining trends will also be examined.

EXSM5511 Developing an Integrated Social Media Strategy Course Page

Description: An introduction to current best practices for social media and internet marketing. Topics covered within this course include how to build an online presence through a strong marketing strategy that reflects organizational culture, strengthening organizations' reputation and brand, strategic planning and development, and executing an integrated strategic social media marketing plan.

EXSM5512 Analytics for Social Media Course Page

Description: It's important to measure where your web traffic is coming from, how much web traffic you are receiving and which communication messages are most effective at driving users to your desired destination. There are several ways to use analytics in social media, and this course will explore specific approaches such as: Google analytics, web search optimization and ROI analysis.

EXSM5513 Online and Mobile Marketing and Commerce Course Page

Description: Learn the skills needed to strategically market across various online platforms. This course will address how to implement best practices for web marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, website design, e-commerce, and other internet online marketing opportunities.

EXSM5514 Social Media Marketing Course Page

Description: Learn the skills needed to maximize your social media imprint and impact. This course will focus on how to market across various social media platforms, and will cover subject matter such as how to create a social media following, how to engage and create social media and online communities, and best strategies for creating and directing web traffic.