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EXSLC3119 Spanish Module 1 Course Page

Description: This introduction to Spanish uses group work, exercises, and activities to practice vocabulary and structures in a conversational context. The basic elements include pronunciation, numbers, time and dates, greetings, descriptions, and basic sentence structure.

EXSLC3125 Spanish Module 2 Course Page

Description: The continuation of basic Spanish uses group work, exercises, and activities to practice vocabulary and structures in a conversational context. Beginning with a review of material from Module l, this course covers vocabulary for dining and travel, health, business conversation, and grammar related to forms of the present tense and reflexive verbs. Completion of EXSLC 3119 is strongly recommended.

EXSLC3132 Spanish Module 4 Course Page

Description: Explore how to interact in the Spanish world by consolidating what you already know and expanding into new areas. You will tie together vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar (including present, preterit, imperfect, present perfect, and future tenses.) The conditional mode is reviewed and the subjunctive is introduced and practiced in the present tense forms through the use of impersonal expressions, reflexive verbs, and commands. We will address the cultural aspects of such activities as shopping, meeting people, exploring cities, and doing business. Completion of EXSLC 3377 is strongly recommended.

EXSLC3157 Spanish Module 5 Course Page

Description: Explore the Hispanic world by enjoying its arts and entertainment as you study the present and past tenses of the subjunctive mode. Learn about celebrations, housing, and stories while discovering the three main concepts of subjunctive and developing your level of comprehension, writing, and conversational skills. Completion of EXSLC 3132 is strongly recommended.

EXSLC3200 Spanish Seminar 1 Course Page

Description: This seminar is intended primarily to improve your competence in oral Spanish. You will choose a project according to your interest - e.g., the folk music of a particular Spanish speaking country or region. Taking account of guidance and suggestions from the instructor and other members of the seminar, you will engage in research for the purpose of preparing a series of brief oral reports on your project. These will be presented and discussed at the seminar sessions. Restricted to Spanish Language Certificate students and Prerequisite EXSLC 3157.

EXSLC3259 Spanish Seminar 2 Course Page

Description: This seminar will improve your competence in written Spanish. It will consist of individual student projects based on your personal experiences or interest - e.g. Spanish and your work or profession; living in Spain or Latin America. During the seminar your instructor will guide you towards model Spanish writers. You will be introduced to Internet sites to investigate your themes. The class will participate in discussions about the subjects in progress. At the culmination of the course you will present your project to the class, defending your main theory (ies). Restricted to Spanish Language Certificate students and Prerequisite EXSLC 3200.

EXSLC3377 Spanish Module 3 Course Page

Description: Develop communicative competence through activities related to travel, business, and culture. We will review material from the two previous modules and then move on to the two past tenses (preterit and imperfect), practice reading, understanding and telling stories, descriptions of past events and comparing "before" and "after" or "now" and "then" situations. Basic techniques for speaking, listening comprehension and reading are included as well as a brief introduction in Spanish to the world of global trade. Completion of EXSLC 3125 is strongly recommended.