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Extension - Supervisory Development

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EXSDP5310 Principles of Supervision Course Page

Description: There are fundamental principles underlying the supervisory relationship which will help you, as a leader, initiate and maintain a productive relationship with your performers. This workshop will focus on developing the abilities surrounding the following five key principles of supervision: a) Lead by example b) Lead people. Manage things c) Focus on the performance; not the person d) Focus on the future, act in the present e) Flex with styles, stand on principles. This course is the recommended prerequisite to all other courses in the program.

EXSDP5311 Interpersonal Communications Course Page

Description: For every company, corporation, and organization, communication is the most important aspect of interpersonal relationships. Yet it is one of the least understood and most often ignored elements of operational success. The purpose of this workshop is to enhance your capability for communication one-on-one and face-to-face effectively and with positive impact. This course will focus on communication basics, communicating during conflict, communicating collaboratively, and communicating with the resistor and much more. Completion of EXSDP 5310 is strongly recommended.

EXSDP5312 Creating Effective Work Groups Course Page

Description: In today's competitive and fast-paced work environment success depends on individuals who have learned how to effectively and efficiently work together. Unlike teams that are formed to solve problems, work groups (or work units) are formed to provide specific products for the organization. This workshop is designed to help you better understand the complexity of your work group and gain some leadership skills and tools to move to the next level. Supervisors will be provided with tools and supports to evaluate and identify needs, develop action plans, delegate work and monitor success within their organization. Completion of EXSDP 5310 is strongly recommended.

EXSDP5313 The Supervisor As a Trainer Course Page

Description: "When I took this job they never told me I would have to train people." Sound familiar? In today's ever-changing workplace work roles are continually evolving and expanding. New expectations ask that we not only share our experience, but that we train others in a manner that ensures a transfer our knowledge and skills to them. In order to increase our competence and confidence in our new role as trainers, we will investigate how best to identify training needs, plan our training, and use the learner-centered approach to create a climate conducive to learning. Completion of EXSDP 5310 is strongly recommended.

EXSDP5314 Interviewing Techniques for Supervisors Course Page

Description: Interviewing skills and techniques are increasingly important to supervisors, especially in this age of information when so much about potential employees can be quickly researched. Leaders are required to plan and conduct interviews for all aspects of an employee's responsibilities: selection, performance planning, performance review, coaching and information exchange interviews as well as discipline are all important parts of the supervisor's tool kit. This workshop provides a comprehensive look at interviewing. It will help you focus the purpose of your interviews and identify the skills required to conduct interviews. Completion of EXSDP 5310 is strongly recommended.

EXSDP5317 Supervisory Summation Course Page

Description: This workshop will review and summarize the content of the Supervisory Development Citation Program and bring the entire body of knowledge together. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange perspectives and learnings with each other and discuss the practical application of the concepts taught throughout the various workshops. Through the use of case studies, group presentations and participant interactions, you will have the opportunity to share the practical benefits, strategies and techniques you have gained. Prerequisites: EXSDP 5310, 5311, 5312, 5313, 5314 and (5315 or 5316 or 5318)

EXSDP5318 Employee Relations Course Page

Description: A core skill set for supervisors includes being able to understand the Canadian workplace, trends around labour and management, rights of employer/employee and the responsibilities of the supervisors as they relate to their staff. Completion of EXSDP 5310 is strongly recommended.