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EXMGT5427 Project Management Essentials Course Page

Description: Project management has become a critical skill in every work place. Managers need to know the tools, techniques and have the knowledge to handle projects and deliver successful outcomes. Learn the basics to help you plan, execute, and control project management activities. This is an introductory project management course. We will explore successful projects and why projects that seemingly follow all the necessary rigor and methodology fail. In the end, students will leave with an enhanced ability to plan, execute and control their project management activities.

EXMGT5439 Managing Organizational Change Course Page

Description: A well-managed change helps move an organization into the "new way" quickly, with wide-acceptance by people and minimal disruption. Examine the change process and tools and techniques to manage organizational change. Through reflection on past experience, you will examine key concepts of change and how to utilize a structured method to approach, plan and sustain a change program.

EXMGT5440 Managing People Through Change Course Page

Description: Real Change depends on people being willing to embrace the shift to a "new way." the path may not be easy. Through examination of the elements, active leaders can determine productive ways to support their teams to achieve the necessary transition to the future state.

EXMGT5443 Project Management: Risk and Resourcing Course Page

Description: Risk management and resource planning are key elements in the successful completion of a project. The processes and activities necessary to manage risk, a detailed understanding of the increased importance of project procurement, and the core concepts, as well as tools and practices, to be employed for effective project human resource management will be studied in this two-day seminar. Using an applicable case study, the concepts learned in the classroom can be immediately applied to your real-life project.

EXMGT5444 Project Management: From Communication to Closure Course Page

Description: This seminar has been designed to give new and experienced project managers and project team members the essential tools they need to deliver successful projects. You will acquire the skills, tools and practices necessary, through the use of a real-life case study, for successful project communication, measuring project progress, project close out and transition to operations.

EXMGT5447 Business Analytics for Managers Course Page

Description: Knowing how to extract real business value from the data generated by your organization is a valuable tool for all managers. Topics may include: foundational information on what is meant by analytics; the various types of analytics - descriptive, predictive and prescriptive; moving from business intelligence to business analytics; theories and trends in data analytics; and the latest best practices and tools available in business analytics, including their advantages and disadvantages.

EXMGT5515 Financial Management and Budgeting Course Page

Description: Students will learn the basics of financial practices within organizations including how to read financial statements, how to make and understand financial decisions, and how to create a budget. Additionally, an introduction to concepts of managerial finance will be examined. Students will explore financial decision-making skills and learn how to use financial information effectively.

EXMGT5516 Human Resource Metrics Course Page

Description: Designed to assist students to identify relevant systems and metrics that are cost effective, measure necessary variables, and establish benchmarks. Topics such as: cost per hire, turnover rates/costs, training and human capital ROI, labor/productivity rates and costs, benefit costs per employee, sick leave usage will be covered.

EXMGT5562 Business Finance Course Page

Description: This course will explore financial resources and how these resources can best be managed. Topics include: managing assets, allocating funds, valuing the firm, and determining how financial decisions are made. Prerequisite: EXMGT 5579 & 5581; or EXMGT 5515

EXMGT5566 Commercial Law Course Page

Description: This course will provide an introduction to the Canadian legal system with emphasis on legal problems affecting the administration of business enterprises. Focus will be on the law of contracts.

EXMGT5576 Interpersonal Communications in Business Course Page

Description: This course examines the process of interpersonal communication and its impact on decision-making and relationships in business. It addresses various factors, including the effects of non-verbal communication, which often reduces understanding to result in a high degree of miscommunication. Strategies for effective communication are explored. Opportunities are given to develop skills in listening and responding to others.

EXMGT5577 Introduction to Management Course Page

Description: This is an interdisciplinary course based on the premise that managerial decision-making is dynamic. The scope of business decision-making requires and understanding of business issues, human resources, managerial functions, business ethics and responsibility, and group dynamics. This course will explore the management functions and the areas of national and international business in which these are continually practiced.

EXMGT5578 Introduction to Managerial Economics Course Page

Description: This course will introduce you to the fundamental principles of economics and its application to Canadian policy and business practice. Our objective is to enhance your understanding of how the economy works and how business may be affected by its changing climates and government policies. Selections of basic microeconomic and macroeconomic theories will be presented.

EXMGT5584 Marketing Course Page

Description: In this course, you will explore the management of marketing, with emphasis on marketing research, analysis, planning and control. Case studies will provide an opportunity to apply marketing principles in an examination of Canadian business problems.

EXMGT5586 Operations Management Course Page

Description: Operations management involves the design, planning, direction and control of the facilities, processes, materials, energy and people used in producing an organization's products, or services. Every industry and organization uses operations management principles. This course will cover capacity planning, resources scheduling, equipment operation, inventory control, purchasing, quality assurance, human resources management, project management, and production standards and control.

EXMGT5587 Organizational Behaviour Course Page

Description: Explores the theory and practice of the organization in three major parts: the organizational environment, the organizational structure, and the behaviour of groups and individuals within the organization. Topics include the social role of managers, organizational structure, individual perception, motivation, decision-making and leadership, communication, teamwork and stress in the work place.

EXMGT5594 Negotiations Course Page

Description: Students will analyze a framework for the process of negotiating successful agreements. Topics will include: learning how to recognize and respond to negotiating tactics, developing awareness of basic negotiating styles, and developing the ability to establish a negotiating process for creating collaborative partnerships.

EXMGT5596 Human Resources Foundations Course Page

Description: This course emphasizes effective human resource management processes, methods and techniques. The human resource function will be explored as an extension of and support to the line manager's responsibility. This course will also focus on internal and external influences shaping the role of human resource management in organizations today.

EXMGT5597 Workforce Planning Course Page

Description: Different organizational strategies require different human resource management policies and practices. This course is designed to help human resources plan and make decisions about the allocation of resources for the effective management of people. Topics include: environmental scanning, forecasting supply and demand for human resources, successions planning, career planning, and business strategies.

EXMGT5599 Labour and Employee Relations Course Page

Description: Provides an introduction to employment relationships as effected by provincial and federal legislation. Consideration of the Alberta Labour Relations Act and the Public Service Employee Relations Act will be undertaken. Emphasis will be placed on the analysis of Labour Board decisions as they effect collective bargaining.

EXMGT5601 Advanced Human Resources Management Course Page

Description: This course examines the conceptual framework for the evolution and delivery of contemporary human resource management. It takes into account shifting values and priorities of employees and managers and their impact on changes in the workplace. Specifically the program looks at the changing roles, values, and skill and knowledge requirements from the perspective of human resources practitioners- employees and managers alike.

EXMGT5602 Techniques of Interviewing Course Page

Description: The essentials of recruiting and interviewing candidates for job situations is the focus of this course. The broad coverage of topics may include: writing job advertisements, determining recruitment strategy, interviewing, exploring different types of questioning, reference checking.

EXMGT5603 Managing Performance Through Training and Development Course Page

Description: This course focuses on training and development as an investment in human capital; it examines the responsibilities of human resource training to assist an organization in managing performance and meeting its strategic objectives. Topics include: needs analysis, setting measurable goals, program design, training methods, transfer of skills, evaluation, and costing training programs.

EXMGT5605 Issues and Trends in Total Compensation Course Page

Description: This course will introduce the principles and interrelationships of Total Compensation strategy, Total Compensation plan design, Job Evaluation, and Performance Management. In a precarious economy, Total Compensation is a key ingredient in attracting and retenting of employees. There will be considerable discussion of current and emerging issues and trends in Total Compensation.

EXMGT5610 Business Information Systems Analysis Course Page

Description: Organizations have long recognized the importance of managing key resources such as people and raw materials. Now, information is also considered a key resource that must be managed correctly. Managers understand that more than ever, information can be a critical factor in determining the success or failure of a business. This course will provide a variety of analysis, design, and modeling techniques, as well as knowledge about designing information systems to meet business needs. It will also compare and contrast SDLC, agile and object-oriented methodologies.

EXMGT5613 Managing Contemporary Technologies Course Page

Description: The management of contemporary technologies emphasizes the importance of information systems within organizations and society. This course focuses on both theory and practice and addresses contemporary challenges managers face today, such as the creation of competitive advantage through technology, globalization, new business models, and hyper competition. Participants may gain an understanding of business transformations influenced by five megatrends: mobile, social media, the Internet of things, cloud computing, and big data.

EXMGT5614 Information Technology Concepts Course Page

Description: This is a survey course examining issues at the core of information technology. The relationships among the different elements of information technology in a business setting are explored.

EXMGT5615 Managing Information Technology Resources Course Page

Description: As organizations continue to operate in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, the participant needs to understand what information systems can and cannot do, be able to use them to align information systems and organizational goals, and ensure that information systems investments are justified from a business perspective. This course examines the major types of information technology resources, and the tools and techniques for managing the acquisition, use and disposition of these resources.

EXMGT5616 Project Planning and Management Course Page

Description: This course presents an understanding of the project management framework based on the Project Management Institutes perspective. It will provide an understanding of project life cycles processes, as well as knowledge associated with project planning and delivery. The course will introduce you to a variety of project measurement tools and techniques to understand integration, scope, time, cost, risk, and quality. This course will also incorporate how to create a formal Project Plan.

EXMGT5617 Strategic Planning for Information Technology Course Page

Description: Information technology is a critical tool organizations can leverage to improve organizational performance and value. This course will introduce participants to the forces and considerations that shape successful strategy for Information Technology to drive business transformation. Participants may gain an understanding of concepts confronting IT managers, including value proposition, business metrics, business-IT relationship, sourcing, budgeting, big data and social computing, business intelligence, application portfolio management, technology roadmap, and information delivery.

EXMGT5678 Directing and Managing Organizational Change Course Page

Description: Learning how to design, implement and manage successful change initiatives is vital to an organization and key to becoming a successful manager. Topics include causes, speed, costs and implications of organizational change, why and how people change, dealing with resistance and building organizational trust, change models and strategies, implementation theory and process tips.

EXMGT5682 Strategic Management Course Page

Description: In this course, you will be challenged to develop optimal solutions to the key business problems and/or opportunities facing organizations. You will utilize a structured methodology to analyze the situation and develop plausible alternatives for evaluation. Case studies will include companies of various sizes, diverse industries, and different countries. This course integrates the courses of the Management Development Certificate Program and is recommended to be taken as the final course.