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Extension - Local Government

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EXLGP8200 Local Government Course Page

Description: Students will learn to compare and contrast the features of the local government systems across Canada, examine internal governing structures along with some of the key responsibilities of local government, and assess future challenges and prospects. Local governments will be placed within Canada's federal system and will trace the foundations of the systems and their evolution through various reforms and restructuring.

EXLGP8201 Public Administration Professionalism Course Page

Description: Provides an introduction to the profession of public administration with the emphasis on the local level. The relationships among principal actors involved in local governance will be examined, and students will explore the self-knowledge required for administrative practice in local administration.

EXLGP8202 Municipal Law I Course Page

Description: Provides an introduction to the provincial and federal laws that affect municipalities. Topics addressed include the election and operation of council; drafting, enacting and enforcing bylaws; reasons for bylaw validity, municipal contracts and tendering, and municipal liability.

EXLGP8203 Organizational Behaviour and Leadership Course Page

Description: Examines theories of individual behavior and leadership within local government organizations. In particular, the focus will be on management in the public sector, theories of leadership, council/staff roles and relationships, the structures and culture of local government organizations, notions of motivation in the public sector, the empowerment of staff, and organizational change.

EXLGP8204 Local Government Finance Course Page

Description: This course provides a basic understanding of public and local government finance. The course discusses the changing role and size of government, the budget process, issues relating to alternative service delivery, sources of revenue for local governments, fiscal relations among governments in Canada, and strategic financial thinking.

EXLGP8205 Organizational Design and Management Course Page

Description: Addresses systems management and the structure and design of organizations, with an emphasis on public sector organizations. Key concepts include management and managing (management fundamentals, culture, ethics, environment, decision making, conflict), planning (strategic management, systems thinking), organizing (theory, structure, design, technologies, and change), and controlling (performance management, measurement, and effectiveness).

EXLGP8206 Local Government Accounting Course Page

Description: Provides basic knowledge of local government accounting practices, budget preparation, and importance of records for accounting, control and auditing of public records. The difference between local government accounting practices and general accounting are also examined.

EXLGP8207 Financial Management Course Page

Description: Introduces the financial, organizational, and political implications of public financial management practices. One of the major focuses is the budget process and understanding the elements of a budget in a public sector context. Other topics examined include costs of service delivery, elements of alternative service delivery, and how to monitor service delivery performance. Some techniques used for long-term decision-making are also introduced.

EXLGP8208 Property Taxation and Assessment Course Page

Description: Provides local government administrators with an understanding of the processes of assessment and property taxation. Students will also examine other topics such as the role and characteristics of the property tax, elements of assessment techniques, tax rate setting, property tax relief and reform, and the economic effects of property taxes.

EXLGP8209 Citizen Engagement and Consultation Course Page

Description: Focuses on practical tools that support and guide the interactions between councils, administration, media, and public. Different approaches will be discussed for municipal and regional land use planning initiatives, which promote effective, democratic engagement and consultation with public spheres.

EXLGP8210 Municipal Law II Course Page

Description: Expands on some of the topics introduced in Municipal Law I, and deepens students' understanding of legal concepts, systems, and practices associated with local authority administration.

EXLGP8211 Policy Planning and Program Evaluation Course Page

Description: Covers the central role of planning in municipal decision-making, as well as the implementation of programs and evaluations of both policies and programs. Program evaluation is of increasing importance because a municipality must assess existing programs before it can reorient them to deliver new policies, long-term plans, or alternative objectives.

EXLGP8212 Sustainable Communities Course Page

Description: Provides a brief introduction to land use planning theory, law, and processes. Environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability will be discussed using an integrated framework of various forms of community capital. Students will also examine governance and decision-making through the perspective of sustainability.

EXLGP8213 Human Resource Management Course Page

Description: Explores challenges facing local governments in attracting, developing, and retaining the personnel needed to serve citizens. The focus is primarily on human resource functions, personnel relationships, and provides practical insight into how to be an "employer of choice."