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Extension - Leadership

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EXLDR5620 Leadership Fundamentals Course Page

Description: At its core, leadership is relational, connecting self and others. Topics may include: exploring the concept of "leading from the self"; leadership theories and practices; leadership styles and strengths; leadership beliefs and barriers; and the reflective practitioner of leadership.

EXLDR5621 Leadership Communications Course Page

Description: Leadership at all levels depends upon communication. Topics may include: persuasive communication; generating buy-in; internal and external communications strategies; influence and influencing others; and communicating through conflict.

EXLDR5622 Leading Teams Course Page

Description: Leading people and teams acknowledges the vital role of others in the leadership relationship. Topics may include: performance management; introductory coaching and mentoring; developing talent; and building trust and resiliency.

EXLDR5623 Change Leadership Course Page

Description: Knowing how to initiate, lead, and manage successful change initiatives is valuable for leaders at all levels. Topics may include: change theories and models; change management strategies; initiating and implementing change; and organizational and individual learning associated with change experiences.

EXLDR5624 Leading Strategic Planning Course Page

Description: Leading an organization towards a goal or an intended outcome requires a plan - and a plan to implement that plan. Topics may include: direction setting, goal setting; decision-making; problem-solving; moving from strategy to action; and project planning and delivery.

EXLDR5625 Coaching and Mentoring Course Page

Description: The responsibility of leading a team provides a leader with the opportunity to coach and mentor individual team members, as well as the team as whole. Building upon a leader or manager's performance management skills, topics may include: coaching conversations; coaching for high performance teams; and workplace mentoring and mentorship strategies and techniques.

EXLDR5626 Stakeholder Relationships Course Page

Description: Critical to the success of an organization is its ability to manage the interests of multiple stakeholders. Topics may include: theories and practices of stakeholder identification; stakeholder analysis; stakeholder engagement; and specific leadership strategies that help an organization reach its goals.