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EXIIC5626 Risk Management Principles and Practices Course Page

Description: This course will focus on introducing risk management. Topics include: risk management standards and guidelines, hazard risk, operational, financial and strategic risk, risk management framework and process, risk analysis, identification and treatment, financial statement risk analysis ,capital investment and risk analysis and monitoring and report risk.

EXIIC5630 Risk Assessment and Treatment Course Page

Description: This course will focus on risk assessment and treatment. Topics include: root cause analysis, business continuity management, physical property risk, intellectual property and reputation risk, legal and regulatory risk, management liability, human resources risk, environmental risk, cyber risk , and fleet risk.

EXIIC5631 Risk Financing Course Page

Description: This course will provide an overview of risk financing. Topics include: estimating hazard risk, transferring hazard risk through insurance, self-insurance plans, retrospective rating plans, reinsurance, captive insurance and contractual risk transfer, transferring financial risk to the financial market, and allocating costs of managing hazard risks.