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EXGEN1518 Engaging High-Risk or At-Risk Youth Course Page

Description: Many youths are labelled at-risk or high-risk by service providers, the school system, the criminal justice system, and society as a whole. Examine concepts of 'at-risk/high-risk' youth and its implications, the issues that create marginalization and stigmatization and the ways to minimize these; and how community agencies (e.g., government, non-profit) respectfully engage youth as an agent for change in, and a positive contributor to, the community through building a positive relationship with them. Understand the views, voices, and experiences of a select group of youths who will co-instruct this course with the principal instructor.

EXGEN3008 Life Drawing - No Instruction Course Page

Description: Studio facilities and models are provided for professional artists and art students. No instruction is offered.

EXGEN3009 Mentorship Course Page

Description: This Mentorship is designed to give Visual Arts Certificate graduate the opportunity to work one on one with a mentor towards a solo exhibition at the Extension Gallery, focused on creating a cohesive body of work in a specific theme of their choosing. This is an independent study course for which the student selects a mentor to provide guidance, feedback and ongoing assessment of the work. As well as the artistic merit of the work produced, the organization of material and scope of the project will be crucial for student success. Dependent on individual and project goals, students can register for the Mentorship up to a maximum of 3 times (3 terms).

EXGEN3030 Art Workshops for Teachers Course Page

Description: This two-day workshop is designed to give teachers ideas for fun activities they bring into the classroom. Open to the general public and teachers of grades 5-12. All supplies provided.

EXGEN3109 French II Course Page

Description: A basic knowledge of French is required in French Level II. The language of instruction is primarily French. In addition to the grammar covered in Chapters 6 through 9 and a portion of Chapter 14 (14.1, 14.2, 14.3) in En bons termes, we will cover the following conversational topics: shopping/clothing, professions, leisure- sports/hobbies/entertainment and travel. Completion of EXGEN 3114 is strongly recommended.

EXGEN3112 Writing Skills: Improving Style and Clarity Course Page

Description: Overcome stylistic faults in your business, professional or academic writing. Learn to assess your readers, evaluate your intent and write clear and graceful text that engages your audience's interest. Topics will include developing a vocabulary for analyzing style, creating a coherent point of view, removing redundancy and controlling long sentences. The course includes exercises and writing assignments. This is a required course for the Qualified Administrative Assistants Program. For more information on the Association of Administrative Assistants go to: www.aaa.ca/

EXGEN3113 Introduction to Creative Writing Course Page

Description: This is a course for writers who are starting out and want to experience the range and potential of the various forms of writing. We will look at poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. Facilitated through a discussion of the literature of the past and present the main focus of this course will be on exploring your own creative writing.

EXGEN3114 French I Course Page

Description: The language of instruction in French Level I will be primarily English, but students will have ample opportunity to practice their French. In addition to the grammar covered in Chapters 1 through 5 in En bons termes, we will cover the following vocabulary and conversational topics: greetings, food, ordering a meal, seasons/time, directions, dates, the rooms in a house, classroom/office vocabulary, age, the family, parts of the body and health.

EXGEN3116 Italian I Course Page

Description: In this introductory course you will become acquainted with everyday Italian conversation through oral practice, basic grammar instruction, and pronunciation drills. By the end of the course you will be able to competently introduce yourself and others and will be able to pose questions on personal information as well as respond to analogous questions (place of residency, people whom you know, what you possess). You will easily be able to interact at an elementary level of Italian as long as the speaker enunciates slowly, clearly and is willing to be collaborative and supportive in the learning experience.

EXGEN3117 Italian II Course Page

Description: Requiring a reasonable command of basic Italian structure, this course will focus on helping you develop conversational skills. Understand isolated, frequently used sentence's and expressions relative to time and place and of immediate importance to you. [For example, basic information on the person and family, abilities, local geography, and the work place]. Be successful in expressing in simple terms aspects of your life and of your surroundings. Completion of EXGEN 3116 is strongly recommended.

EXGEN3118 Writing What You Know: Techniques in Creative Nonfiction Course Page

Description: Writing creative nonfiction begins with an intensive exploration of people, places and events we already know but often ignore. Join us for an exciting and interactive workshop, exploring our lives through writing and reading, techniques and critiques. Journaling, memoir, food and travel writing will be included.

EXGEN3133 A Practical Guide to Proofreading Course Page

Description: Learn how to avoid costly and embarrassing errors by sharpening your proofreading skills. A Practical Guide to Proofreading covers proofreading marks, comparing copies, the errors to look for when proofreading, and the differences between proofreading and editing. A variety of exercises will help you learn to avoid common proofreading errors.

EXGEN3138 Japanese I Course Page

Description: The objective of Japanese I is to provide a solid foundation in the knowledge and skill required to speak functional Japanese. After completing this course you will be able to survive day-to-day situations in Japan such as greetings, introductions, counting, asking and giving simple information, shopping, and so on.

EXGEN3139 French III Course Page

Description: Language of instruction in French Level III is exclusively French. You should be comfortable reading short articles and carrying on basic conversation. In addition to the grammar covered in Chapters 10 through 14 in En bons termes, we will cover the following conversational topics: arts and entertainment, expressing opinions (e.g. on religion, politics and family, etc.), health habits, lifestyle/culture. Completion of EXGEN 3109 is strongly recommended.

EXGEN3143 Japanese II Course Page

Description: The course will start with a review of basic sentence structure, vocabulary, and useful daily expressions and move on to more complex grammatical rules, especially the inflection of verbs and adjectives. We will increase our vocabulary and special idiomatic expressions used in daily life in Japan. English will be used to explain grammatical points only. You will be encouraged to use the target language as much as possible. Upon completion of this course you will be able to handle day to day situations in Japan with more ease. You will be able to express your feelings and ideas on certain topics with more confidence. Completion of EXGEN 3138 is strongly recommended.

EXGEN3155 Chinese I (Mandarin) Course Page

Description: Learn conversational Mandarin while exploring aspects of Chinese life and culture. Through oral practice and conversational exercises you develop fluency in a comfortable language learning environment with an experienced Mandarin instructor. The use of Pin-Yin, the Chinese characters in the Latin alphabet, facilitates the learning process for students at the introductory level. We will cover the Introduction Chapter up to Lesson 5 in the Integrated Chinese textbook.

EXGEN3181 Writing the Novel Course Page

Description: Explore the nature of the novel and its essential craft elements-plot, structure, characterization, point of view and sense of place. You will gain perspective on your writing process, which will help you conceptualize your novel and begin writing in manageable size pieces. You will also have the opportunity to share your work with others for feedback and refinement.

EXGEN3196 Italian III Course Page

Description: Build on your ability to carry on a simple conversation in Italian through this course, which will stress the development of a more comprehensive vocabulary and idiom, specifically in speaking. Comprehend the essential points of clear messages on familiar topics such as work, school, free time, et cetera. After Level III you should be able to hold your own when travelling to a region where people speak the language. Construct simple, coherent passages on topics that are either familiar or of interest. You will be able to: describe experiences, events, dreams, wishes, ambitions; elaborate on reasons; give explanations on opinions and projects. Completion of EXGEN 3117 is strongly recommended.

EXGEN3247 French IV Course Page

Description: Les étudiants devront être capables de tenir une conversation dans la plupart des situations de la vie quotidienne. L'enseignement sera donné exclusivement en français. Les chapitres de grammaire abordés seront les chapitres 15 à 17. Les sujets de conversation seront les suivants: initiation à la littérature francophone, les nouvelles techniques, l'environnement. D'autres sujets de conversation seront également étudiés selon les intérêts des étudiants. Completion of EXGEN 3139 is strongly recommended.

EXGEN3329 Essential Editing Course Page

Description: Develop fundamental editing skills for a range of fields with a focus on the editor's "bread and butter:" substantive and copy editing. Learn the theory and get practical, hands-on training. Ensure correct and consistent punctuation, grammar, word usage, and spelling, and improve the writing so it's clear and concise. We will explore the editing process, the author-editor relationship, the readers' needs, and the business of editing.

EXGEN3397 German I Course Page

Description: This course is for those with very little or no background in German. It takes a communicative approach to learning using practical situations from everyday life. The following conversational topics will be covered: greetings, introducing yourself and others, professions, country of origin, hobbies, describing things, prices, food, compliments, and complaints. Learn basic pronunciation rules, the use of the present tense, basic sentence structures of German, numbers 1-1000, and the use of two cases (nominative, accusative). We will cover Chapters 1 through 3 in Themen 1 aktuell, Lektion 1-5. You will receive some information on the culture of German speaking countries. The course allows for some additional topics.

EXGEN3398 German II Course Page

Description: Increase your communicative abilities in the German language. Using a communicative approach to learning, we will practice situations from everyday life. The following conversational topics will be covered: activities (leisure time, work etc.), daily routines, time, rules and regulations, appointments, and living quarters. Learn the use of verbs in the present tense (irregular verbs, separable verbs, modals), prepositions with dative, and indefinite pronouns. We will cover Chapters 4 and 5 in Themen 1 aktuell, Lektion 1-5. The course allows for some additional topics. Completion of EXGEN 3397 is strongly recommended.

EXGEN3404 Writing and Grammar Skills - Advanced Course Page

Description: This course builds on grammar and writing skills by focusing on clarity, correctness, and the development of a compelling writing voice. Correcting for style, content, and format are integrated into formal studies in grammar. By focusing on these essential elements of writing, this course aims to prepare (or refresh) writers for the process from first draft to final product. In-class exercises will be used to take complex, sophisticated sentences and paragraphs and look at the underpinning logic of what the writer is trying to say.

EXGEN3405 Technical Writing: Procedures and Manuals Course Page

Description: Have you been asked to write a set of procedures, a manual, or a user's guide? Does this task seem daunting because you don't consider yourself a technical writer? This course is intended for anyone who must write procedures or manuals for others, or for anyone exploring the technical writing profession. Examine the tasks, processes and techniques for writing instructions and guides that are useful and easy to read. Learn how to conduct "audience analysis" and how to use this analysis to guide your writing. Experiment with document design and appreciate how design plays an important role in the writing process. Learn how to estimate the cost and schedule for producing your guides. Create an outline for a guide, write procedures and conduct feedback testing to improve the usability of your guide. This course provides an overview of technical writing processes and practical hands-on exercises; no technical writing experience is required.

EXGEN3741 Advanced Conversational Spanish: Perspectivas Course Page

Description: This course is designed to meet the needs of advanced Spanish learners. You will have the opportunity to review and progress in speaking spanish. Most classes will provide an opportunity for communicative expression as you work through authentic language materials taken from a variety of Spanish newspapers, periodicals, movies, and advertisements. Prerequisite: EXSLC 3259

EXGEN3750 Writing Your Career Story: Why it Matters Course Page

Description: In the 21st century, blood, sweat, tears, and a diploma are no longer enough for job success. Career research shows that in addition to skills and aptitudes, an understanding of what gives us a sense of meaning and direction is essential. We must learn about ourselves and cultivate an ability to articulate our stories in order to find, keep and create our work. Narrative career approaches have been developed to that end. Work toward your own "career construction" as you explore life and career themes through creative, expressive, and reflective writing. Learn about the research that proves that "following your bliss" is not just for poets. This course is suited for career counsellors and coaches, those working in education and Human Resource Development, or those in career transitions or aspiring to learn more about career development.

EXGEN3793 Writing Clearly in the Workplace Course Page

Description: Your job description may not say "writer", but somehow you spend a large part of your day writing memos, letters, and proposals. The biggest problem in workplace writing is not necessarily bad grammar, but too many words per thought. Wordy writing lacks clarity. Learning to avoid certain grammatical constructions will help you process prose that makes your meaning crystal clear. This two-day workshop will focus on George Orwell's six rules of good writing and the necessary grammatical information to put them into practice. Ample time will be devoted to in-class reinforcement exercises.

EXGEN3796 Introduction to the Process of Writing Course Page

Description: Learn the process to writing - which many writers follow naturally. If you're just getting started as a writer, or if you always find it a struggle to produce written work, whether it is a business report, a business letter, an essay, short story or blog, following the writing process will help. This course will explain what each stage of the writing process involves, and you'll be offered some tips for each stage that will help if you're feeling stuck!

EXGEN3797 Grammar for Effective Writing Course Page

Description: Correct and elegant writing depends upon considerations of genre, audience, rhetoric, and subject matter, in addition to knowledge of the writing process (prewriting, writing, and rewriting). This course will consider the role of grammar at all stages of the writing process and how grammar changes in different contexts. Discuss word choice, sentence craft, and how to avoid the most common grammatical problems. Practice the grammatical rules by applying them to your own writing in exercises that will be critiqued by the instructor. Note: This course stresses the process of learning writing in a hands-on approach. Only selected key principles of grammar will be discussed and applied to your writing.

EXGEN3997 Community Translation: Strategies and Best Practices Course Page

Description: An introduction to the practice of community translation, the course covers basic concepts in translation theory and its application in community translation contexts. The course introduces strategies and best practices for quality control, assessment, and revision of translations. To meet different communities' translation needs, social and cultural aspects of translation will be emphasized. Online and offline translation tools and resources will be introduced. The course will be taught in English, but guest lecturers may be invited to address issues in the working languages of participants.

EXGEN4564 Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Course Page

Description: The recent and rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) has left many wondering how a business can best deploy theses technologies for maximum impact. This seminar, designed for business leaders and technical staff, will provide an applied understanding of the process and capabilities of AI, machine learning and data mining. Participants will work in small teams to conceive, present and refine and AI project of their choice and can expect to gain an introductory working knowledge of how to evaluate, validate and begin developing AI solutions for a chosen domain.

EXGEN4797 Water and Wastewater Pipeline Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Course Page

Description: This course will explore some of the most significant challenges facing the waster and waste water pipeline sector. Aging and failing pipes are prevalent across North America, and students in this course will learn of t available technologies and techniques for the inspection, monitoring, and rehabilitation of aging water pipes. Participants will gain insight into the process of rehabilitation, investigating both the benefits and limitations of existing technologies.

EXGEN4798 Trenchless Technologies 101 Course Page

Description: From the industrial sector and the oil and gas industry, to construction and telecommunications; trenchless technologies are rapidly becoming a fundamental component of construction projects. Trenchless technologies 101 will provide an introduction to the concept of, and technologies behind, trenchless innovations. It will present participants with the opportunity to discover why new trenchless designs are at the forefront of today's construction needs.

EXGEN4799 Microtunneling and Pilot Tube Microtunneling Course Page

Description: Microtunneling and Pilot Tube Microtunneling (PTMT) are economically viable developments in pipe installation that do not require extensive surface disruptions. This workshop will provide students with a comprehensive overview of the leading technologies behind microtunneling and PTMT. Participants will gain understanding of the pipe installation process and why microtunneling is becoming a leading choice for the installation process.

EXGEN4800 Geotechnical Consideration for Underground Trenchless Construction Course Page

Description: This course will introduce students to the many geotechnical features that must be considered before the start of trenchless construction. Through the establishment of what constitutes "Geotechnical", students will learn what aspects of the site's sub-ground must be surveyed before trenchless installation may begin. Students will have the chance to discover why these considerations are significant to trenchless construction, as well as learn the adverse results of disregarding the site's geotechnical features.

EXGEN4801 Pipe Materials for Trenchless Construction Course Page

Description: Choosing the appropriate pipe material is a vital component of trenchless construction. The type of material needed will vary from site-to-site and the proper choice is dependent on a variety of factors. Participants in this workshop will learn to recognize which materials are suitable for which construction sites, and why selecting the correct pipe material is important to the longevity of the installation.

EXGEN4802 Fibre to the Home Construction Course Page

Description: Participants will explore how fibre optic technology is transforming communications systems. Advancements to construction will be examined, with participants learning about the cutting edge technologies, materials, and equipment that are transforming fibre optic construction. Current issues surrounding fibre optic installation will be considered and industry leaders will offer students methods to reduce risk.

EXGEN4803 Advanced HDD Design Course Page

Description: Participants with previous knowledge of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) will be provided with in in-depth examination of the key elements of design that must be considered for HDD. The specifics of design, implementation, and risk will be examined in detail, allowing participants to expand their knowledge and understanding of the HDD process. This course will be most beneficial to individuals who have previous experience with HDD.

EXGEN4804 Planning and Design of Direct Pipe Projects Course Page

Description: Direct pipe installation is an emerging trenchless technology that is rapidly becoming more common in Western Canada, but proper planning and design is necessary in order to ensure successful installation. Students will learn the proper planning and installation techniques, becoming familiar with the benefits of direct pipe installation and how to mitigate risks before they occur. Industry professionals and project owners will benefit from a learning the direct pipe techniques.

EXGEN5354 Becoming a Better Team Member Course Page

Description: Strong team members are the backbone of any team, and communication is fundamental to working effectively with others. During this course, participants will learn to improve their communication and team skills. Intended outcomes include learning how to: depersonalize and disarm stress; present situations and decisions with clarity; and listen between the lines for underlying issues and concerns. This course will help participants discover how communication can help them become more effective team members.

EXGEN5356 Conflict Management Course Page

Description: Conflict is an inevitable part of daily living. In our business, personal and social affairs, we encounter people in conflict. When mismanaged, conflict can be destructive and disruptive. If properly addressed, it is an opportunity for creativity and problem solving. Learn how to recognize the potential in conflict, get conflict into the open and establish a climate where both parties can negotiate a successful, win-win outcome. Discover why so many conflicts are destructive and how and why they result in failure. Learn how to deal with a number of common responses to conflict. Develop new skills through participation in case studies, practical applications, simulations and group activities. Practice the skills you need to successfully manage and resolve the conflicts in your professional and personal relationship.

EXGEN5357 Fundamentals of Risk Management Course Page

Description: Regardless of your position, everyone plays a roles in managing risk within an organization. This course will help provide you with a theoretical understanding of what risk management is and how to use risk management for decision making in order to achieve objectives, as well as create or preserve value for your organization. Topics will include: what is risk, risk management, management and communication, and the value of learning from failure.

EXGEN5358 Managing Risk Within Your Organization Course Page

Description: This course is for individuals looking inside their organization to identify, manage, and prevent organizational risks while maximizing opportunities those risks my present. Topics covered will include: Organizational culture, human resources risks, crime, physical property and business continuity. At the conclusion of this course, you will have an understanding and discussion about risk, key concepts and tools and selected risk topics.

EXGEN5359 Managing External Risk Factors Course Page

Description: Organizations face risk from every direction. This course will focus on identifying and managing external risk and will give you an understanding about risk, risk tools, and areas of risk your organization could be exposed to. Topics covered will include: sources of external risk, such as economic, political, emergent technologies and competitors. Other topics to be discussed are corporate responsibility, what to do when there is a failure of internal and external controls, and handling crisis communication.

EXGEN5360 Finance for Non-Financial Managers Course Page

Description: All supervisors, managers and other professionals are challenged with the task to review and analyze financial statements and data. In many organizations, increased focus is being placed on budgets and financial management techniques. This seminar will introduce basic financial concepts to participants whose primary role is in other functional areas. You will gain an understanding of how financial statements are prepared and how to interpret financial statements and data in order to make prudent financial decisions.

EXGEN5364 Influencing Difficult People Course Page

Description: Difficult people have learned that their approaches help them get their way. It seems that this small numbers of difficult people cause most of the stress in our lives-robbing us of our productivity and satisfaction. Our usual responses only seem to make it worse. In this interactive workshop, you will learn to recognize the patterns some people use to develop the skills and responses needed to deal with these patterns more effectively and productively. Short-term tactics necessary to preserve your sanity and your priorities will be practiced, as well as long-term strategies on how to create cooperation and more productive relationships. You will develop a personal action plan to build and sustain your influence in difficult situations and in life in general.

EXGEN5369 Enhancing Your Personal Productivity Course Page

Description: This workshop is designed to help you learn self-management strategies in three key areas that will enhance your personal productivity: how you use your energy, what you focus on, and where you waste your time.

EXGEN5372 Mental Toughness: Training for Success Course Page

Description: It has become common knowledge that highly successful people are different in their thinking and behavior than other people. But what are the unseen, often unknown mental toughness practices of these individuals? Mental toughness is a set of practices that enables you to master yourself mentally and emotionally. This seminar has one main objective: to teach you how to become your own success coach so you can get the results you want in your job and your life. Specifically, it will teach you the practices of mental toughness so that you can overcome fear, take action, and create confidence for yourself in the face of any challenge.

EXGEN5378 Analytics Models for Business Decisions Course Page

Description: Explore the use of analytical methods in management problem-solving, highlighting organizational and contextual issues. Construct an analytical model of a problem that can be manipulated or solved to identify a decision that yields the best outcome, according to one or more carefully defined criteria. The challenges of communicating and implementing results in an organizational context may also be explored through mini-cases and illustrations.

EXGEN5379 Introduction to Big Data Analytics Course Page

Description: Gain an overview of big data, the state of the practice in analytics and the analytics lifecycle as an end-to-end process. Focus on the key roles of a successful analytic project. Topics may include: the main phases of the lifecycle; and developing core deliverables to stakeholders.

EXGEN5380 Business Systems Start-Up Strategies for Managers Course Page

Description: Designed for managers, business analysts, and IT leaders in corporate and government organizations who are anticipating a new system implementation, the objective of the seminar is to help participants develop an understanding of the underlying causes of "go-live" failures and work with practical ideas to ensure successful implementation.

EXGEN5401 Sustainable Development Basics Course Page

Description: Political and economic changes are challenging the basic ideas of sustainability. This course will ask: Where does the idea of sustainable development originate? What are the challenges faced? What is possible for us, as individuals and as a community, to meet these challenges? In this course, we will develop critical thinking, identify present needs and work to look for sustainable development options in an Alberta context.

EXGEN5406 Implementing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at Work Course Page

Description: Have you ever wondered why some people succeed while others, equally intelligent, fail? Or, why some people seem to have so much empathy and self-awareness while others bumble along in an interpersonal "fog"? What is emotional intelligence and why does it matter? EQ styles play a very important role in daily workplace interactions such as: learning how to respond to criticism, how to deal with diversity, understanding the need for tolerance with certain behaviors or situations or how to motivate ourselves and others. According to many experts, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) may be more important than IQ in determining success, both on the job and in personal life.

EXGEN5410 Coaching for Success Course Page

Description: Once good personnel have been recruited, their development and ongoing contribution to organizational success depends upon the quality of the coaching they receive. At a time when employee performance and retention is of utmost importance, the coaching factor should not be left to chance. Successful coaches draw on both professional development skills and performance management skills. They assist employees to better understand the expectations of the organization and how they can positively impact their own career development within the organization through continuous learning and performance management.

EXGEN5414 The Excellent Assistant Course Page

Description: Before you can effectively manage anyone, you must know yourself. Through self assessment and quality instruction, this course will teach you how to build relationships, think strategically, manage your time effectively, and influence those around you. This program is developed specifically for employees who provide support to others in their organization.

EXGEN5419 GMAT Test Preparation Course Course Page

Description: Improve your chances of gaining admission to the MBA program of your choice with a comprehensive course covering each area of this challenging exam: mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar, critical reasoning, and essay writing. Reinforce your skills with practice on real GMAT questions and exam simulations. Learn tips and strategies offered by our experienced GMAT instructor.

EXGEN5422 Assertive Communication Course Page

Description: Assertiveness is not something you are born with; it is a combination of skills that can be learned. In this workshop, we will identify when and why it is difficult to be assertive. You will learn concrete assertive communication skills that you can apply at work and in your personal life. Topics include receiving and providing feedback, saying "No," dealing with anger, and setting boundaries. Think about it: if you don't stand up for yourself, your ideas, and your goals, who will?

EXGEN5424 Communication Strategies Course Page

Description: Communication can effectively make or break many business interactions. Regardless of technical ability or company knowledge, successful professionals require strong communication skills to connect with others within and outside the organization. In this workshop you will begin to understand the intricacies and challenges of communication, recognize and overcome barriers, discuss effective listening, reading non-verbal cues and adapting to different communication styles, and successfully giving and receiving feedback.

EXGEN5429 Communicating Up, Down, and Across the Organization Course Page

Description: Learn practical skills and strategies for communication throughout your organization. Through learning to analyze your audience, targeting your message, adapting your messages to how others communicate, shaping responses using indirect and direct approaches, you will create new opportunities to express your ideas to individuals at all levels of your organization.

EXGEN5445 Budgeting and Forecasting Course Page

Description: Learn about innovative ways to budgeting and understanding forecasting techniques. Explore how the individual components of a budget cycle are connected and how your management decisions affect schedules of the budget cycle. This seminar will also introduce variance analysis concepts and techniques used to compare actual results with budget/forecasted results. Opportunities to apply the concepts learned, through a brief exercise and/or simulations may be included.

EXGEN5448 Business Process Mapping Course Page
No description available for this course.