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EXELP7000 Workplace Communication and Intercultural Competency Course Page

Description: Explore principles of professionalism, collaboration, and workplace conduct in the Canadian workplace. The course examines intercultural communication in cross-cultural contexts. Students develop and practice strategies for listening and speaking in professional contexts, including presentation skills. They also practice writing resumes and cover letters, corresponding with potential employers, job interview skills, and workplace communication.

EXELP7051 ESL 105 Course Page

Description: Participate in discussions on classroom topics related to readings and audio-visual material and role-play in everyday situations relating to daily life skills. Understand comments, suggestions and opinions in a small group setting, and follow classroom directions and instructions. Read and understand texts related to daily life including directions and instructions. Maintain an ongoing diary. Improve multi-sentence writing skills.

EXELP7052 ESL 110 Course Page

Description: Give a presentation, and lead a small group discussion relating to personal observations. Practice fluency through short talks using written cues and participate in telephone conversations. Listen to informal conversations to understand the speaker's intent in a variety of situations and recognize reductions in everyday speech. Understand the story line of a drama. Read and analyze a variety of texts including traditional stories, news articles and promotional brochures. Write narrative paragraphs.

EXELP7053 ESL 115 Course Page

Description: Practice pronunciation and intonation through various conversational activities and participate in oral drama. Give presentations describing personal observations. Learn to listen for a speaker's intent in a variety of situations. Learn to analyze a variety of written text types including fiction, news items and classified ads. Write structured compositions on a variety of topics.

EXELP7054 ESL 120 Course Page

Description: Participate in discussions and give presentations on topics related to written and audio-visual material. Learn to clarify and expand topics and understand comments, suggestions and opinions in conversations. Learn to follow information broadcasts on radio, T.V., and the Internet. Read short stories and a variety of information texts, skimming for main ideas and scanning for specific details. Learn to take written notes and write complex multi-paragraph compositions.

EXELP7055 ESL 125 Course Page

Description: Lead group discussions and give presentations based on personal research, including interviews of English-speaking Canadians. Listen to basic academic lectures and take notes to identify emotions and opinions and recognize differences between informal and formal speech in conversations. Learn to analyze short stories and interpretive journalism, including movie and restaurant reviews. Write academic paragraphs and reviews based on personal experience.

EXELP7056 ESL 130 Course Page

Description: ESL 130 through ESL 145 are meant especially for students who wish to enter academic degree programs at an English-speaking university or college. Participate in informal debates and discussions and give structured presentations. Understand comments, suggestions and opinions in a small group setting. Take notes and distinguish fact from opinion in documentaries, information broadcasts and lectures. Read and analyze a variety of literary texts, including poetry and short stories. Read a variety of informational texts. Take notes on lectures and compose academically structured essays.

EXELP7057 ESL 135 Course Page

Description: ESL 130 through ESL 145 are meant especially for students who wish to enter academic degree programs at an English-speaking university or college. State personal opinions in presentations and debates on controversial topics. Understand and analyze information from a variety of sources, including conversations, interviews, documentaries, lectures and drama. Read and analyze information from a variety of complex materials, including articles from periodicals, news sources, poetry and a novel. Write a variety of text types, including personal responses, lecture notes, as well as literary and factual essays.

EXELP7058 EAP 140 Course Page

Description: Provides students with the opportunity to improve their academic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Upon completion of EAP 140, students are able to engage in short academic activities, including essay writing, reading short texts, and listening to and participating in short lectures and discussions. Students should have a minimum TOEFL scores of 70 with a minimum score of 17 in each band, or a score of at least 5.5 IELTS with a minimum score of 5.0 in each band.

EXELP7059 EAP 145 Course Page

Description: A continuation of EAP 140. Students further develop their abilities to collect and synthesize information from a variety of academic sources; analyze and critique materials; and present their ideas in accordance with the academic standards found at the first-year university level. EAP 140 and 145 thoroughly prepare students for study at the undergraduate university level.

EXELP7075 Writing for Academic Purposes Course Page

Description: This course reviews the fundamentals of essay writing as well as the rhetorical styles typically used at the university level. Students focus on paraphrasing, summarizing, critiquing, and referencing skills to produce effective essays. Class work will also work on complex sentence structures to convey information in a more sophisticated fashion that is expected in an academic environment.

EXELP7121 Conversations in English Course Page

Description: Improve your ability to converse fluently and effectively in English. Develop your knowledge of the language and cultural conventions necessary to take an active part in discussions. Acquire skills in recognizing and using idioms and slang, making small talk, telling stories, explaining situations, expressing opinions, and discussing issues to better interact with native English speakers.

EXELP7122 English for Academic Environments Course Page

Description: Push your comfort zone and hone your communication and critical thinking skills by participating in discussions based on topics requiring more sophisticated language. Activities include participating in group discussions, debates, and giving and responding to talks and short speeches based on current events and issues. Other activities include using appropriate cultural conventions when speaking in English.

EXELP7123 Presentations for Academics and Professionals Course Page

Description: This course focuses on oral communication with native English speakers within academic and professional settings. The course consists of topics such as effective communication strategies, speech qualities (volume, speed, projection), body language, and use of audio/visual aids. These will be examined and practised through pair work, group discussions, impromptu speeches, teaching and formal presentations.

EXELP7124 Pronunciation: From Sounds to Phrases Course Page

Description: This course involves a detailed and systematic study of the sounds of Canadian English in contextualized speech. Improve your understanding and production of sounds through communicative classroom activities and homework assignments. Students must be able to record their assignments.

EXELP7125 Pronunciation: From Phrases and Beyond Course Page

Description: Improve your speech production by enhancing your awareness of stress, rhythm, and intonation. Participate in classroom activities which will enhance your overall intelligibility and articulation. Students must be able to record their assignments.

EXELP7127 Writing Beyond the Basics Course Page

Description: In this introduction to the writing process, students will learn the fundamentals of paragraph writing, including topic sentences, development of supporting ideas, and conclusions. An array of organizational patterns will be examined. Students will improve their writing accuracy and fluency through a variety of sentence patterns and structures.

EXELP7132 ELS Tutorial Projects Course Page
No description available for this course.
EXELP7135 EAP 135 Introduction to Academic English Course Page

Description: Focuses on the development of language fluency and accuracy and on building the necessary vocabulary for further studies within an academic environment. Listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills are emphasized by engaging students in a variety of academic activities. This course which precedes EAP 140, will enable students to lay the foundation for successful academic writing. Students will be introduced to language learning strategies and will develop study skills that are crucial to their success in an English Language university. Students should have a minimum TOEFL iBT of 65 with a minimum of 16 in each band or IELTS score of 5.0 with a minimum score of 4.5 in each band.

EXELP7140 English Language & Cultural Seminar Course Page
No description available for this course.
EXELP7147 Professional Speaking for Business Course Page

Description: Designed to help MBA students who speak English as a second language and who would like to improve their pronunciation and clear speaking skills, this course will include an overview of sounds of English, with a focus on the sounds most likely to lead to difficulties with intelligibility. Students will also be given an introduction to other aspects of English speech which can impact overall intelligibility, including stress, intonation, rhythm, and aspects of voice quality.

EXELP7148 Grammar for Accuracy Course Page

Description: This course helps upper-level students to develop their grammar skills in English. Students will learn, practice, apply, and review common grammar items that are typically challenging for English language learners. Students will develop an understanding of grammar rules, applications, and strategies that will help them write with precision and clarity in current and future academic writing tasks. This course may be recommended to students of EAP 140 and EAP 145.

EXELP7150 Pronunciation for Effective Communication Course Page

Description: This course supports English language learners who want to develop their pronunciation skills for successful interpersonal communication. This course will focus on increasing speech intelligibility, and will draw students' attention to elements of pronunciation that can lead to miscommunication. Students will develop an awareness of their own individual strengths and weaknesses in pronunciation, and will build strategies for expanding their pronunciation skills beyond the classroom.

EXELP7151 Applied Writing Skills for English Language Learners Course Page

Description: This course supports upper-level English language learners as they develop practical academic writing skills in English. Lessons will focus on three dimensions of wrting that are pertinent to academic contexts: common grammar items, stylistic language choices, and applied writing skills such as summarizing and synthesizing information. Language items will be reviewed and analyzed using real examples of contemporary and academic texts. Students can apply these essential English writing tools to academic writing tasks.

EXELP7152 Presentation Skills for English Language Learners Course Page

Description: This workshop supports English language learners as they develop presentation skills in English. Three interactive sessions give students tools and strategies for planning and delivering effective presentations. Each session will address features of presentation structure and features of public speaking. Session will each conclude with a practice mini-presentation with instructor feedback. The workshops is suitable for both students and professionals who are looking to develop their public speaking skills.

EXELP7154 Exploring Canadian English and Culture Course Page

Description: This course offers an introduction to Canadian language and culture. Through exploring subjects such as the arts scene in Edmonton, Indigenous cultures and multiculturalism, students will gain a better understanding of Canadian culture. The course will develop the background knowledge and communication skills needed for students to engage in conversations in Canadian cultural settings.

EXELP7550 EAP 550 Course Page

Description: An intensive course designed to assist students whose first language is not English in attaining the academic and communication skills necessary for them to become effective, independent participants in graduate studies at an English -language university. Course content is interdisciplinary and focuses on acquiring a practical understanding of and proficiency in approaches to critical thinking, research methodologies, and presentation skills. The course also allows for cultural reflection, facilitating the transitional process, and helping international graduate students to succeed in a North American university setting. Students should have completed EAP 140 or have a minimum score of 76 TOEFL iBT or 6.0 IELTS.