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EXCACE5824 Instructional Design in Adult Education Course Page

Description: Learn to develop well-designed instructional activities based on an analysis and evaluation of learners, objectives, content and the learning environment. This practical course is designed for professionals wanting to increase the effectiveness of adult instruction in formal and informal environments. Learn about organizing tools of the mind and of learning to improve the process of education and training. This course promotes a learner focus and contributes to learner success by addressing the diversity of needs, interests and experiences that individuals bring to an educational activity.

EXCACE5866 Needs Assessment in Training Course Page

Description: Trainers and educators are under pressure to identify and respond to training needs quickly and effectively, we also need to be able to identify where to focus our training to improve organizational effectiveness and individual performance. This workshop will introduce you to a number of techniques and help you select those techniques which best meet your needs.

EXCACE5963 Understanding and Working with Learning Styles Course Page

Description: Each person has a unique learning style that determines how they learn best. The most successful leaders and trainers realize the connection between understanding and using learning styles. This course will explore two inventories that focus on learning and training style, discover how people demonstrate their preferred and non-preferred learning and training styles in a variety of situations, identify activities that create learning environments that both meet people's preferred learning styles and stretches people into their non-preferred learning styles and apply the strengths and concepts.

EXCACE5987 Reflexive Practice Course Page

Description: Explore the theory and practice of reflexive practice used to develop the relational skills that characterize the learning organization. Identify relational behaviors that create an effective learning environment in the workplace and enhance the ability to learn. Examine the fundamental reasons why people do not learn to deal with uncertainty, ambiguity, and change. Apply the easy step-by-step process for understanding and facilitating change using the comprehensive Reflexive Practice Guide.