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Extension - Aboriginal Relations Engagement

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EXARE4650 Worldview and History Course Page

Description: Indigenous culture is the cornerstone for building strong relationships amongst First Nations leaders, Elders and other First Nations members. Participants are introduced to the Indigenous worldview of Turtle Island, essential protocols to open good relationships, avoid inappropriate conduct, analyze historical impacts, and the roles of male and female Elders.

EXARE4651 Indigenous Laws, Lands and Current Industry Government Relations Course Page

Description: This course will focus on the legal and policy principles as a guiding aspect of existing relationships between Indigenous peoples, government and industry. Topics covered include: Federal and Provincial legislation, regulations and policies impacting Aboriginal-Industry relations and Indigenous and Treaty rights. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives of law through a decolonized framework aimed at fostering positive relationships that move towards reconciliation.

EXARE4652 Environment and Livelihood Course Page

Description: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of why a healthy environment is integral to maintaining the identity, culture, and livelihood of Indigenous peoples. This course will enhance students' understanding of Indigenous environmental stewardship and philosophy from an Indigenous worldview.

EXARE4653 Community and Economic Development Course Page

Description: This course will introduce students to the current community and economic development of Indigenous communities from an Indigenous lens. Students will learn about the resilience of Indigenous people despite the current complex socio-economic realities, and the importance of partnerships and relationships to improve the well-being of First Nations peoples. Topics include corporate social responsibility, community governance structures, Indigenous business, and private corporate structures as they relate to community development.

EXARE4654 Organizational Culture and Negotiation Preparedness Course Page

Description: This course will introduce students to the interface of corporate and Indigenous cultures. Students will be given an introduction to relevant federal/provincial policy, safety procedure(s) framework, and impact benefit agreements. This course will enhance students' understanding of intercultural differences when negotiating and the impact of these differences on negotiation strategies.

EXARE4655 Current Issues in Indigenous Relations Course Page

Description: Due to the nature of current issues in Indigenous topics this course may change from term to term.