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EDIT486 Interactive Multimedia Course Page

Description: This course emphasizes students as builders of video games as opposed to players of video games and addresses the pedagogy of using this process to teach K-12 students. Lectures will focus on educational theory, specifically, social constructivist and constructionist frameworks and their relevance to current learners and their perspectives on technology use. The lab components will explore various game development environments which are designed for K-12 students. Through the construction of video games, students will learn how to promote problem-solving skills and critical thinking in their own students. May contain alternate delivery sections; refer to the Fees Payment Guide in the University Regulations and Information for Students section of the Calendar.

EDIT488 Instructional Technology and Communication Course Page

Description: This course treats instructional technology as a communications system for teaching and learning. In addition to exploring communication concepts, the course examines the communications components of visual learning and the specific tools and techniques of digital presentation and interaction. Overviews of current and future practice plus research on communication are included. This course is taught in an alternative delivery format. Prerequisite: EDIT 202 or EDU 210 or EDIT 485 or an introductory course in computing science. Students will not be granted credit for both EDIT 488 and EDPY 488.

EDIT578 Internship in Instructional Technology Course Page

Description: Students will be placed in a professional environment where they will have the opportunity to participate in projects that incorporate educational technology.