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English for Academic Purposes

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EAP135 Introduction to Academic English Course Page

Description: Focuses on the development of language fluency and accuracy and on building the necessary vocabulary for further studies within an academic environment. Listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills are emphasized by engaging students in a variety of academic activities. This course, which precedes EAP 140, will enable students to lay the foundations for successful academic writing. Students will be introduced to language learning strategies and will develop study skills that are crucial to their success in an English-medium university. Prerequisite: Minimum TOEFL score of 65 (internet based) with a minimum score of 16 in each band, or a score of 5.0 IELTS with a minimum score of 4.5 in each band.

EAP140 English for Academic Purposes Course Page

Description: Provides students with the opportunity to improve their academic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Upon completion of EAP 140, students are able to engage in short academic activities, including essay writing, reading short texts, and listening to and participating in short lectures and discussions. Prerequisites: EAP 135 or minimum TOEFL scores of 70 (internet based) with a minimum score of 17 in each band, or a score of at least 5.5 IELTS with a minimum score of 5.0 in each band.

EAP145 English for Academic Purposes Course Page

Description: A continuation of EAP 140. Students further develop their abilities to collect and synthesize information from a variety of academic sources; analyze and critique materials; and present their ideas in accordance with the academic standards found at the first-year university level. EAP 140 and 145 thoroughly prepare students for study at the undergraduate university level. Prerequisite: EAP 140.