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DANCE200 The Spectrum of Dance in Society Course Page

Description: The theory and practice of dance as a human physical activity. Focus will be on the aesthetic, expressive, rhythmical dimensions of movement in a culture's artistic and social life. The study will include movement content, techniques, improvisation, composition and performance in a variety of dance forms including modern/creative, social, jazz, and folk dance.

DANCE340 Modern Dance Course Page

Description: The study of creative dance techniques, improvisation, composition, and performance through theory and practical experience.

DANCE345 Modern Dance Techniques Course Page

Description: Development of personal movement skills in a variety of modern dance techniques combined with knowledge of movement and dance principles. Prerequisite: DAC 160 or 165, or DANCE 200 or 340, or equivalent, or consent of Faculty.

DANCE431 Study of Dance for Children Course Page

Description: Children's dance from the perspective of the child as creator, performer and spectator. Opportunities to observe, work with and instruct children in creative dance will be provided. Prerequisite: KIN 293 or 338 or consent of Faculty.