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Christian Theology at St Stephen's College

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CHRTP305 Scripture as Story Course Page

Description: Explores how the elements of story employed by the Gospel writers and editors shaped their understanding of the person of Jesus and his followers.

CHRTP311 Spirituality and the Arts Course Page

Description: Explores how the Sacred is experienced and expressed through the visual arts, music and dance.

CHRTP312 Questing Faith: Thinking About God Course Page

Description: Explores major questions of faith: God, Christ, humanity, evil, hope. This course provides insight into the Christian faith for all interested persons.

CHRTP315 Pop Culture and Theology Course Page

Description: Considering theological themes in movies, poetry, fiction, and graphic novels that echo lived experiences.

CHRTP321 Art Therapy Fundamentals Course Page

Description: Art therapy, a specialized field in counseling psychology, provides a natural vehicle for promoting integrative, holistic approach to psychological healing. Explores the theory and application of art therapy to spirituality and healing settings. This course will be experientially based, with a lecture and seminar portion.

CHRTP330 Mindfulness for Teachers Course Page

Description: Explores contemplative/meditative practices that foster calm, concentration, and insight for teachers and their students.

CHRTP381 Introduction to Music Therapy Course Page

Description: Introduction to the discipline of music therapy: physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual applications of music.

CHRTP382 Introduction to Drama Therapy Course Page

Description: Explores the role of drama therapy in health and spirituality: masks, puppets, theatre games, improvisation, role-play, playback theatre, and psychodrama in various therapeutic settings.

CHRTP383 Psychotherapy and Spirituality: An Introduction Course Page

Description: Explores the theory and practice of psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, and spiritual care: therapeutic work, current theory, personal reflection, and group process.

CHRTP400 Special Topics Course Page

Description: Discussion of topics relevant to the theological or pastoral counselling disciplines. Credit may be obtained for this course more than once.

CHRTP411 Independent Study in Theology Course Page

Description: Directed reading or research in a chosen area of theology.

CHRTP511 Independent Study in Theology Course Page

Description: Directed reading or research in a chosen area of theology.

CHRTP521 Art Therapy: The Artful-Spiritual Connection Course Page

Description: History and ethics of art therapy, incorporating introductory art therapy techniques and theological reflection.