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Subject Short Name Subject
ASTRO Astronomy
BIOIN Bioinformatics
BIOL Biology
BOT Botany
CHEM Chemistry
CMPUT Computing Science
EAS Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
EN PH Engineering Physics
ENT Entomology
ENVPS Environmental Physical Sciences
EXSC CE - Faculty of Science
GENET Genetics
GEOPH Geophysics
IMIN Immunology and Infection
IPG Integrated Petroleum Geosciences
MA PH Mathematical Physics
MA SC Marine Science
MATH Mathematics
MICRB Microbiology
MINT Master of Internetworking
MM Multimedia
PALEO Paleontology
PHYS Physics
PLAN Urban and Regional Planning
PSYCO Psychology
SCI Science
STAT Statistics
WKEXP Work Experience
ZOOL Zoology

Faculty of Science Subjects

This page lists all the subjects offered by Faculty of Science.