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Subject Short Name Subject
ANAES Anaesthesia
ANAT Anatomy
BIOCH Biochemistry
BME Biomedical Engineering
CELL Cell Biology
D HYG Dental Hygiene
DDS Dentistry
DENT Dentistry
DMED Dentistry/Medicine
EE BE Electrical and Computer Engineering/Biomedical Eng
F MED Family Medicine
LABMP Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
MDGEN Medical Genetics
MED Medicine
MLSCI Medical Laboratory Science
MMI Medical Microbiology and Immunology
NEURO Neuroscience (Centre for)
OB GY Obstetrics and Gynaecology
OBIOL Oral Biology
ONCOL Oncology
OPHTH Ophthalmology
PAED Paediatrics
PGDE Postgraduate Dental Education
PGME Postgraduate Medical Education
PHYSL Physiology
PMCOL Pharmacology
PSYCI Psychiatry
RADDI Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
RADTH Radiation Therapy
SURG Surgery

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Subjects

This page lists all the subjects offered by Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.