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Subject Short Name Subject
COMM Communications and Technology
EAP English for Academic Purposes
EXACUP Extension - Medical Acupuncture
EXAGC Extension - Applied Geostatistics
EXAHP Extension - Aboriginal Health Promotion
EXALES CE - Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences
EXARE Extension - Aboriginal Relations Engagement
EXART Extension - Fine Arts
EXBA Extension - Business Analysis
EXCACE Extension - Adult & Continuing Education
EXCES Extension - Community Engagement
EXCPE Extension - Continuing and Professional Education
EXCST Extension - Construction Administration
EXELP Extension - English Language Program
EXERM Extension - Environmental Resource Management
EXFOMD CE - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
EXGEN Extension - General Studies
EXGL Extension - Global Leadership
EXIAPP Extension - Info Access & Protection of Privacy
EXIIC Extension - Insuranced Institute of Canada
EXLDR Extension - Leadership
EXLGP Extension - Local Government
EXLUP Extension - Applied Land Use Planning
EXMGT Extension - Business Management
EXNUR Extension - Nursing
EXOPT Extension Elective
EXOS Extension - Occupational Health & Safety
EXPMAC Extension - Purchasing Management
EXRI Extension - Residential Interiors
EXSDP Extension - Supervisory Development
EXSLC Extension - Spanish
EXSM Extension - Social Media
EXT Extension
EXTL Extension - Teaching in Learning
MACE Community Engagement

Faculty of Extension Subjects

This page lists all the subjects offered by Faculty of Extension.