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RADTH360A - Clinical Simulation and Reasoning

This course facilitates the integration and application of didactic knowledge when performing in a simulated clinical setting. While transferring skills across tumour sites and various procedures, students will demonstrate clinical reasoning and decision making in the simulated environment. As well, students will develop key attitudes, judgments and behaviours necessary for a practicing radiation therapist. Prerequisites: RADTH 260, ONCOL 306, 335 and 356.

Spring Term 2019


Spring Term 2019 - CLN C1 (21214)

Instructor: bchwyl@ualberta.ca
Spring Term 2018


Spring Term 2018 - CLN C1 (21408)

Instructor: bchwyl@ualberta.ca
Instructor: bsbrar@ualberta.ca
Instructor: dewhurst@ualberta.ca
Instructor: krans@ualberta.ca
Spring Term 2017


Spring Term 2017 - CLN C1 (21736)

Spring Term 2016


Spring Term 2016 - CLN C1 (29396)