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PHYS458 - Special and General Relativity

Special Relativity: space-time; Lorentz transformations; definitions of scalars, vectors and tensors; motion of a relativistic particle; energymomentum tensor and equations of motion; transformation of electromagnetic fields. General Relativity: geometry of curved space-time; equivalence principle; gravity as curvature; Einstein equations; black hole and cosmological solutions; gravitational waves. Prerequisites: MATH 337 or ECE 341, PHYS 244. Corequisite: PHYS 481.

Fall Term 2018

Lecture Sections

Fall Term 2018 - LEC A01 (63976)

MW 14:00:00 - 15:20:00 (CCIS L1 029)
Instructor: pogosyan@ualberta.ca - Profile

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