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NURS604 - Fundamentals of Aging

A critical analysis of the issues and environments that influence the lives of older Canadians. Focus is on theories and knowledge about age-related normative and non-normative changes and their interaction with the physical, social, community and policy environments of older adults. (Course is cross-listed as HECOL 604). Credit will only be granted for NURS 604 or HECOL 604.

Winter Term 2020


Winter Term 2020 - SEM 852 (96883)

W 17:00:00 - 20:00:00 (TBD)
Instructor: mcilveen@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2020 - SEM X52 (96884)

W 17:00:00 - 20:00:00 (ECHA 1 121)
Instructor: mcilveen@ualberta.ca

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