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NURS580B - Advanced Theory and Practicum in Adult/Older Adult Health Nursing

The focus of this course is to provide a culminating practicum experience in the role of the advanced practice nurse with adults / older adults. Integration of theory and research in relation to practice is facilitated by course seminars. Opportunity is provided to discuss issues relevant to the advanced nursing practice role. Prerequisite: NURS 570.

Summer Term 2019


Summer Term 2019 - SEM C03 (32002)

F 09:00:00 - 11:50:00 (ECHA 1 432)
Instructor: slp@ualberta.ca


Summer Term 2019 - CLN C04 (32003)

Instructor: slp@ualberta.ca

Summer Term 2019 - CLN C02 (30321)

Instructor: ilo@ualberta.ca

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