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NURS525 - Advanced Health Assessment and Applied Pathophysiology - Neonate

The focus of this course is on the development of advanced assessment and diagnostic reasoning skills for common variations in the health status of neonates. Students will gain an understanding of advanced assessment and applied pathophysiology related to specific health problems for the neonate in emergent to chronic health care situations. Opportunities to apply clinical diagnostic reasoning skills and decision making required for the assessment of neonatal problems are provided through seminars, laboratory practice, and a clinical practicum. Corequisites: NURS 520 and NURS 522.

Fall Term 2019

Lab Sections

Fall Term 2019 - LAB D02 (77606)

M 13:00:00 - 14:50:00 (TBD)
Instructor: dmpepper@ualberta.ca


Fall Term 2019 - SEM A02 (77605)

M 09:00:00 - 11:50:00 (ECHA L1 364)
Instructor: dmpepper@ualberta.ca


Fall Term 2019 - CLN F02 (77607)

Instructor: dmpepper@ualberta.ca

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