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MIN E403 - Mine Design Project II

Second phase of a dynamic scenario-based mine feasibility study from exploration through operations to final mine closure plan. This course follows MIN E 402 with detailed mine plans and equipment selection, manpower, ventilation, processing, environment and economic analyses. Prepare regular team reports and presentations. Present findings during an industry seminar. Weekly seminars with instructor and industry experts. Prerequisite: MIN E 402. Note: Restricted to fourth-year traditional and fifth-year co-op engineering students.

Winter Term 2020

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2020 - LEC B1 (81912)

T 13:00:00 - 13:50:00 (NRE 2 090)
Instructor: pourrahi@ualberta.ca

Lab Sections

Winter Term 2020 - LAB H1 (81890)

MR 14:00:00 - 16:50:00 (NRE 2 043)
Instructor: pourrahi@ualberta.ca


Winter Term 2020 - SEM J1 (82418)

Instructor: pourrahi@ualberta.ca

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