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MIN E323 - Rock Mechanics

Mechanical properties of rock masses, field and laboratory determination; classification and index testing; permeability and flow; stresses around underground openings, elastic prototypes and numerical methods; ground support principles and mechanics of common support systems, loads on supports; hydraulic backfill, earth pressures, consolidation theory and practical consequences in mining; mechanics of subsidence and caving; rockburst mechanics; slope stability, rock mechanics instrumentation. Prerequisite: CIV E 270.

Fall Term 2019

Lecture Sections

Fall Term 2019 - LEC A1 (77010)

MWF 11:00:00 - 11:50:00 (ETLC E1 018)
Instructor: msepehri@ualberta.ca

Lab Sections

Fall Term 2019 - LAB D1 (77011)

T 14:00:00 - 16:50:00 (ETLC E1 018)
Instructor: msepehri@ualberta.ca

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