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MATH499 - Research Project

This course provides students in Specialization and Honors programs an opportunity to pursue research in mathematics under the direction of a member of the Department. Course requirements include at least one oral presentation and a written final report. Students interested in taking this course should contact the course coordinator two months in advance. Credit for this course may be obtained more than once. Prerequisites: a 300-level MATH course and consent of the course coordinator.

Winter Term 2018

Lab Sections

Winter Term 2018 - LAB Q2 (90070)

R 16:30:00 - 17:20:00 (CAB 373)
Instructor: ewoolgar@ualberta.ca - Profile


Winter Term 2018 - SEM Q1 (90068)

R 15:30:00 - 16:20:00 (CAB 373)
Instructor: ewoolgar@ualberta.ca - Profile

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