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GEOPH210 - Physics of the Earth

Structure and evolution of the Earth from a physics-based perspective; use of geophysical data (gravity, magnetic, seismic, thermal, geoelectric) to determine the internal structure of the Earth; dynamics of the Earth, including plate tectonics, mantle convection and the geodynamo; geohazards, volcanoes, earthquakes and magnetic storms; temporal variations in climate and sea level. Prerequisites: one of MATH 101, 115, 118, 146; one of PHYS 124, PHYS 144, or EN PH 131, and one of PHYS 126, PHYS 146, or PHYS 130. Note: credit will be given for only one of GEOPH 110 or GEOPH 210.

Fall Term 2018

Lecture Sections

Fall Term 2018 - LEC A01 (63566)

TR 11:00:00 - 12:20:00 (HC 2 12)
Instructor: dumberry@ualberta.ca - Profile

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