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EDU513 - Leadership for Educational Change

Introduces the relationship of research to educational leadership. Focuses upon synthesizing extant research literature and the need to address a specific leadership need within a school site using appropriate research methods. Studies how educational research can inform leaders in carrying out school improvement and bringing about educational change. Prerequisite: Registration in the Master of Education in Educational Studies program. Sections may be offered in a Cost Recovery format at an increased rate of fee assessment; refer to the Fees Payment Guide in the University Regulations and Information for Students section of the Calendar.

Summer Term 2018

Lecture Sections

Summer Term 2018 - LEC B01 (30414)

TWRFS 09:00:00 - 12:30:00 (ED 113)
Instructor: kcocchio@ualberta.ca - Profile Instructor: lmacy@ualberta.ca - Profile

Summer Term 2018 - LEC B02 (30850)

TWRFS 09:00:00 - 12:30:00 (ED 277)
Instructor: kcocchio@ualberta.ca - Profile Instructor: kgj@ualberta.ca - Profile

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