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EDU510 - Fundamentals of Educational Research

Explores the findings of educational research, and works to apply the results of research to educational problems. Focuses on conceptualizing methods of educational research to specific and individual educational sites and issues. Prerequisites: Registration in the Master of Education in Educational Studies program, and EDU 511 and EDU 512. Sections may be offered in a Cost Recovery format at an increased rate of fee assessment; refer to the Fees Payment Guide in the University Regulations and Information for Students section of the Calendar.

Winter Term 2020

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2020 - LEC 850 (81368)

Instructor: kcocchio@ualberta.ca
Instructor: wallacej@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2020 - LEC 851 (81396)

Instructor: jbp@ualberta.ca
Instructor: kcocchio@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2020 - LEC 852 (81766)

Instructor: jmcclay@ualberta.ca
Instructor: kcocchio@ualberta.ca

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