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EAS201 - Earth Science I

A non-laboratory introduction to the origin and evolution of the Earth and the solar system. Introduction to plate tectonics and the rock cycle. Simple energy balances and interactions between radiation and the atmosphere, land, oceans, ice masses, and the global hydrological cycle. Evolution of life, biogeography, and global climate in the context of geologic time. The carbon cycle. Human interactions with the Earth. Mineral and energy resources. Not available to students with credit in EAS 100, 101, 102, 210 or SCI 100. (Note: EAS 201 and EAS 200 are considered to be equivalent to EAS 100 for prerequisite purposes). [Faculty of Science]

Winter Term 2019

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2019 - LEC B2 (96107)

MWF 10:00:00 - 10:50:00 (TL 11)
Instructor: kmuehlen@ualberta.ca - Profile

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