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CMPUT350 - Advanced Games Programming

This course focuses on state-of-the-art AI and graphics programming for video games. Part 1 introduces C++, the language of choice for video game engines, emphasizing efficiency, safety, the Standard Template Library, and OpenGL. Part 2 on real time strategy deals with efficient pathfinding algorithms, planning, and scripting AI systems. Student projects give hands-on experience directly applicable to the video games industry. Prerequisite: CMPUT 201 or 275. May not be offered every year.

Fall Term 2018

Lecture Sections

Fall Term 2018 - LEC A1 (64026)

TR 11:00:00 - 12:20:00 (SAB 331)
Instructor: TBD

Lab Sections

Fall Term 2018 - LAB D01 (69868)

T 14:00:00 - 16:50:00 (CSC 159)
Instructor: TBD

Fall Term 2018 - LAB D02 (69870)

T 14:00:00 - 16:50:00 (CSC 153)
Instructor: TBD

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