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BIOL340 - Global Biogeochemistry

An introduction to biogeochemical cycles in the environment. Discusses processes and reactions governing cycles in the atmosphere, lithosphere, terrestrial ecosystems, freshwater wetlands and lakes, river estuaries, and the oceans. Outlines the global cycles of water, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. Group discussions will incorporate current topics in anthropogenic alterations of natural cycles that lead to ecosystem degradation. Prerequisites: CHEM 101 or SCI 100 and BIOL 208; MICRB 265 strongly recommended.

Winter Term 2019

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2019 - LEC B1 (87452)

W 13:00:00 - 15:50:00 (BS M 141)
Instructor: vstlouis@ualberta.ca - Profile

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