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BIOL201 - Eukaryotic Cellular Biology

A structural and functional dissection of a eukaryotic cell. Detection of specific molecules at the ultrastructural level; plasma membrane structure and function; cytoskeleton involvement in intracellular transport, mitosis, and cytokinesis; the endomembrane system, protein targeting, exocytosis and endocytosis; nuclear structure and function; cell cycle control and cancer. Prerequisite: BIOL 107 and a 100-level Chemistry course, or SCI 100. Note: Not to be taken by students with credit in CELL 201, in addition, not available to students currently enrolled in CELL 201.

Winter Term 2018

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2018 - LEC B1 (88836)

TR 08:00:00 - 09:20:00 (CCIS L2 200)
Instructor: bwingert@ualberta.ca - Profile Instructor: chenjie@ualberta.ca - Profile Instructor: tkachur@ualberta.ca - Profile

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