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AUMUS297 - Applied Music

Private lessons in instrument or voice; a one-hour weekly lesson in the winter term for a student exhibiting advanced abilities in music performance. Participation in group master classes is required. Prerequisite: Consent of the Department. Notes: A student should consult the Fine Arts Department before registering. The following courses must be taken in consecutive fall/winter terms: AUMUS 296 and 297.

Winter Term 2019

Lecture Labs

Winter Term 2019 - LCL 1B01 (92932)

Instructor: iluzanac@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2019 - LCL 1B02 (92934)

Instructor: radmiral@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2019 - LCL 1B03 (92936)

Instructor: saward@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2019 - LCL 1B04 (92938)

Instructor: cdl@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2019 - LCL 1B05 (92940)

Instructor: joyanne@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2019 - LCL 1B06 (92942)

Instructor: corcoran@ualberta.ca

Winter Term 2019 - LCL 1B07 (97591)

Instructor: hwiens@ualberta.ca

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