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AUGDS400B - Capstone Research Seminar

Preparation of a literature review, and research proposal, and presentation. Research may be participatory, qualitative, archival, community based, and may include a practical component. Classes will provide supportive and critical analysis throughout students research process and examine issues, theories, and practices central to global and development studies and social change. This course integrates the varied disciplinary approaches and practices experienced throughout the program. Prerequisites: Third or fourth year standing. Only open to majors in IDS-Global and Development Studies. Notes: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUGDS 400 and AUPOL 400.

Fall Term 2018

Lecture Sections

Fall Term 2018 - LEC 2A01 (72358)

TR 16:00:00 - 17:30:00 (AU F 1 305)
Instructor: jcw3@ualberta.ca - Profile Instructor: kmundel@ualberta.ca - Profile
Winter Term 2017

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2017 - LEC C1 (84177)

W 14:15:00 - 16:45:00 (AU HBH 1 10)
Instructor: srein@ualberta.ca - Profile
Winter Term 2016

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2016 - LEC C2 (91726)

W 14:15:00 - 16:45:00 (AU H 070)
Instructor: srein@ualberta.ca - Profile